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Consolidated net sales for Q3 2020 were € 2.51 million from continuing operations (Q3 2019: € 3.34 million from continuing operations). The sales revenue of the Group`s main business segment, fibreboard, for Q3 2020 were € 2.48 million (Q3 2019: € 3.06 million). The main reason for this drop in sales was due to the closure of the Püssi factory in March 2020, which came about as a result of the loss of orders from customers within the display board industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Furniture retail sales revenue for Q3 2020 were € 0 thousand, the decrease in sales (compared to Q3 2019: € 265 thousand) was due to the Group exiting the furniture retail segment earlier this year, with some remaining stock sales taking place during Q1 and Q2 2020. Rental and property development sales, includes the resale of utilities, in Q3 2020 were € 36 thousand (Q3 2019: € 32 thousand). Revenue from rental and property development increased due to more tenants being secured for the premises in Suur-Jõe 48, Pärnu. Group EBITDA for Q3 2020 was positive € 366 thousand from continuing operations (Q3 2019: € 120 thousand from continuing operations), of which the fibreboard division EBITDA was positive € 370 thousand (Q3 2019: positive € 152 thousand). After depreciation and interest, group net profit for Q3 2020 was € 183 thousand from continuing operations (Q3 2019 net loss of € 671 thousand from continuing operations). The main reason for the loss in the Q3 2019 was the extraordinary loss of € 540 thousand received from the sale of the subsidiary Skano Furniture Factory OÜ.